Website Optimization

Are you happy with your current website? Does your website run smoothly and flawlessly, routing traffic to the information you want visitors to see and getting you the responses you desire? OR does one or more of the following apply:

  • Does your pages jump around as you move through the site?
  • Are you unable to achieve organic search engine placement?
  • Does your website FAIL W3C compliancy validation?
  • Does your navigation break if javascript is turned off in your browser?
  • Do some parts of your site look different or disappear in certain browsers?
  • Does your website have Web Builder bloat? More code then content?

These problems occur because many website developers don't understand or know how to write their own HTML by hand. Most use graphics-oriented (WYSIWYG) programs such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. This can result in websites that are "bloated", containing too much code that is inconsistent with Internet standards and even unreadable by some browsers. After all the time and money you put into your website, you don't have to start all over to get the performance you want. We can help!

Give your site a tune-up OR a complete overhaul

Web Detailer can re-develop your website – giving it an overhaul – resulting in a consistent, optimized website that works the way you expect it to. We code entirely by hand; creating a site that is fast, efficient and visually stimulating. Your re-developed site will have a with a clear, consistent message and presentation.

Browser Independance: When visitors arrive at your website, you do not want the first thing they see to be that annoying "This site best viewed in

" warning. W3C compliance and Web Detailer's thorough testing ensures that your site will appear as intended to all visitors regardless of which browser they choose to use.

Javascript, Flash and Cookies: Many web designers will tell you that 90% of Internet users have the latest browsers and plug-ins, but even if that were true ( it's not ), would you welcome the first 90 patrons into your store and slam the door on the next ten? If your audience is global, then your site should to be globally available.

Graphics Optimization: Today, people expect the Internet to be fast. Most people won't wait for a slow-loading website. Graphics Optimization gives you a speedier website that will keep the visitor's attention and result in greater customer retention and increased sales.

Site Builder Bloat: Website design tools and all the extra code they add to a website can create two very serious problems: 1) Your site developer might not know how to properly troubleshoot and maintain your site because they might not know the code; and 2) Tons of unnecessary HTML code causes your site to download slower than it should. Because we code by hand, not only do we know every detail of your website for quick, efficient maintenance, but less code means everything runs faster, keeping visitors on-track and optimizing the value of your website.

Search Engine Optimization: A website only works if it is found. We make no claims to be an SEO company, however, by the very nature of our website optimization methods, the websites that we redevelop perform extremely well on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and

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