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The Internet could be your most profitable route to prospective buyers, increased membership or new sources of funding; however, what works in a brochure, an ad or a direct mail piece may not get you the same results on the Internet. Our web content development services will help you create a "Purpose-Driven Website".

A "Purpose-Driven Website" must do three things:
  1. Be Seen - In traditional media, you go where the buyers are. On the Internet, you must bring the buyers to you. Web Detailer creates websites and content optimized for the best possible positioning on popular search engines. Web Detailer offers strategic advice on integrating your Internet presence into your overall plan to make the most of every marketing opportunity.
  2. Be Consistent - Once you have spent significant time and resources developing a successful image and a compelling mission, you want them presented accurately across all media. Web Detailer keeps your message consistently on-point while helping you to extract every advantage that Internet marketing has to offer.
  3. Be Closing - Visual stimulation and flashy openers will not lead site visitors to take the action you desire. In order to "close the deal", your message must be clear and the path to action simple and direct. Visitors should be allowed to obtain as little or as much information as they need to make the decision you want them to make. Web Detailer keeps your content tight, focused and always driven to close.

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