Website Development

The Web Detailer will develop your existing, redesigned or new custom website design entirely by hand, creating a unique, high-performance site that is fast, efficient and visually stimulating, with a clear, consistent message and presentation. Web Detailer never uses WYSIWYG website design tools that may add extraneous code which can seriously affect your site's performance.

This "from scratch" development is at the heart of why we call ourselves the Web Detailer. Like any skilled craftsman, we control every aspect of your website's appearance and performance, guaranteeing a site that is lean and fast with no Site Builder Bloat.

Graphics Optimization Web Detailer will work with you to create a design you love, then we will make sure your graphics load fast and display the way they should - regardless of the many browsers your visitors use.

Content Development Because your site is there for a purpose, we'll help you create a message that is consistent and clear, driving visitors to give you the response you're looking for.

Website Optimization Hand-coded HTML means Web Detailer gives your website smoother, faster performance. In addition, thorough testing and compliance with W3C Standards means a better experience for site visitors and more value for you. In fact, tight HTML code and graphics optimization are essential to allow users with slow connections equal access to your site and everything you offer.

Search Optimization (SEO). A website only works if it is seen. Web Detailer specializes in creating sites that search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and, not only find, but give high priority. In addition, we can provide advice on how to improve your visibility across the Internet to get the most from your web marketing venture.

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